Someone else's game is in my list - this game’s finished long ago, I didn’t play it and yet it’s been displayed in the list of my active games, as though I’m currently playing it. Is there a way to remove this game from my list?

It looks like you have a review of that game. Could that be why it’s listed under your games?

That “review” I started yesterday in hope to evict this game from my list. This didn’t help however. I remember that this game appeared in my list when I accepted a challenge of one of those guys, but another one somehow intercepted (or accepted a bit quickly) it and since then the game’s stuck in my list. I wouldn’t care much if that game was in the list of my played games, but it’s been displayed in the list of games I’m currently playing.

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That’s very strange, I see what you mean.

Has this been the case since before this most recent interface update?

Never mind I see that it has, ok we’re looking into it… we’ll get it off your list probably tomorrow one way or another :slight_smile:

It’s gone now. Thanks!

No problem :slight_smile: still trying to figure out exactly how that happened though… :slight_smile:

I seem to have gotten myself into the same thing, for unknown reason. May have been the same acceptance thing but I can’t say that with 100% security.
The game is