Someone please explain this tsumego problem for me?

This is the problem. Black to live.

This is the “finished” solution according to the app with last move by black at the 3-1 point. All I see is ko. Not sure if black can live if next move is for white to take the 2-2 stone.


Do any of the other problems read “Black to make ko”?

Yes there are problems specifically labeled ko

Well, the fact that it gives you ko as the final position is a bit of a giveaway.

Yes, it is a ko. If white take the 2-2 stone, black has to make a big threat somewhere else on the board. If w responds, b kan take back the ko (and return to the position above). The ko is finished when e.g. w capture 1-3 stone, or b capture 1-2 stone. If b capture 1-2 stone, he is alive (although it is still a bit complicated).

I see. That’s what I thought. I’ll report the question although it’s not really a big deal. I just thought I couldn’t see the right answer. Thanks everyone!

Well, you know what they say, “if you don’t see that it means live in ko, then the problem is too difficult for you”.

Telling you before time if the answer is ko seems idiotic, then you are looking strictly for ko and nothing else. Just my opinion though.

Yea, I prefer the more insidious “Find the best result for X”.

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How about just simply “Status?”

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That’s not the point. The OP mentioned that other problems are labelled as ko, so why not this one.

The black group actually has a threat to play the 5-4 point and break the white surrounding wall. This should be enough to force a white response and then allow black to recapture the ko.

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I never claimed it was the point, I simply stated i find it idiotic.