Sorry i can't cancel the thumbnail on my home page

how to cancel the Thumbnail on my home page

like this!! some one can help me ???

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Go to ‘Settings’ in the top-left hamburger menu (or click it here: Settings )

and then choose ‘Always show list’ from the ‘Game thumbnail list threshold’ dropdown options:

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Is it this or the fact of it being stuck on “loading”? If the latter then isn’t it about switching it off and on again?


thanks your replay
but it’s turn to this

my problem still isn’t solved

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i want to cancel the game on my home page

You mean to say that these three games are glitched? I can’t visit them either…

Normally there should be a “cancel” button on the game page.

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Yeah, the games are glitched. I will ask anoek to remove them, could take a day or two, pardon the inconvenience :slight_smile:


Should be fixed now.

thank you 謝謝你 it’s ok now

iit’s ,they are glitched???thank you all guys anyway.