Sorting/Filtering Puzzles?


I was hoping to learn a few things about go through the puzzle section. I would really love to work my way up the difficulties, but through hours of searching it seems the website does not have a capability of sorting or filtering these puzzles? Is this true? If so I really hope it would be a added feature for the future it would speed up the process of selecting the correct puzzle for my desired learning and rank.

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Yeah, I am afraid it doesn’t right now :frowning:
Have you tried this site though? it adjusts the difficulty for you. :slight_smile:

OGS used to have puzzle sorting options. They were inadvertently removed in the transition from v4.0 to v5.0 and are planned to be added back in soon. See

Meanwhile, you may have to flip through collections manually to find what you’re looking for. There’s only 16 pages of puzzle collections rated 4+ stars. Sorry about it. :neutral_face:

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