Sound after move

Today I noticed that we got few improvements of UI.
In general its ok, however there is one big minus for me.
Usually when I play I do not look at the board all the time.
When I go to other pages of web browser I don’t hear sound of moved stone.
Is there any way to enable that sound?

Thanks for help.

Mm, this is actually a recent change, we were playing all audio on all tabs, but some folks were getting confused about what was going on and count down timers and the like so we made it so it’d only play if your tab and window had focus. I’m adding to the list of things to do to make that an option so you can keep a tab open in the background and still have it play sounds.

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Thanks, I’d really love to have that back!

Cheers, Tom

Alrighty this should be back for ya’ll, I’ll add options and such when i revisit the sound stuff to add finer grained controls over what sounds are played when.

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@anoek that sounds nice!!