Sound Missing. Double click move setting results in submit button instead

Yeah, as the title says.

Sound: I get no sound in live games. No voices, no clicks. I’ve tried changing different settings to different voices etc, but hasn’t worked. It worked when I started, but I don’t see anywhere to restore default.

Clicks: in the game settings, I’d like for live games to require a double click, but when I change the setting to that, I get a submit button instead.
Any help would be much appreciated.

I’m on iOS using Google Chrome.

Few tricky things that could be involved:

  • settings are local for your browser and are stored in cookies, could it be that you have cookies disabled?
  • a volume bar is available in the side menu of the game page: if that one is turned off, you won’t hear any sound and that setting will stay there also for other games

When you set it to double click, the submit button shows up, but the move gets submitted when you click it a second time as well.


Thanks for the tips.
I tried erasing show cookies via chrome on PC, since iOS chrome doesn’t allow deletion of individual cookies and I really REALLY don’t want to delete all cookies just for this.
Didn’t help, so I tried w headphones and got sounds there. When I unplugged them, the sounds were suddenly there on the phone speakers as well.
No idea which part helped, but thanks for the tips!


@flovo thanks, but it doesn’t in my iOS chrome. It just removes the stone.