Special Stream Lecture with Lukáš Podpěra 7D

Hello all.

Let me start from the top.

We recently started “Study Group” on Beginner Go Discord. It is meant to be a sort of Go club for people with no local Go club (or in addition to such) where we meet once every two weeks and discuss game or problems or joseki etc.

While we are still new and figuring a lot of things up the effort seems to be going well.

Now we are throwing special event to have fun and attract new people. (we could use more dan players especially)

So on 10.7. (that’s 10th of july for you US folk :stuck_out_tongue: ) 18:00 - 20:00 UTC we will have a streamed lesson with Lukáš Podpěra 7D :fireworks: :fireworks: :fireworks:

This is Study Group special event, while stream itself will be public and is meant to attract attention to this group, only members will actually be able to participate and ask questions. (Not sure yet if we will include members who join after this announcement, that will depend on numbers). Topic of the lecture is yet to be decided by vote between Study Group members.

Lukan is one of the European top players, EGF pro qualification finalist, the organiser of Corona Cup (three times) and he recently placed 4th in World Amateur Go Championship.

Please check the Beginner Group Discord and our Study Group (follow this link.) The stream will happen on said discord server.

Turtle out

update 04.07. - Topic has been voted on and it is Direction of play


Time travel exists!

(I’m sorry I’m that kind of person :woman_shrugging: )


I never said which year! :sweat_smile:

Thanks tho, fixed

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Thanks Turtle for organising! a great way to bring together a pro and the go community.

18:00 UTC is 2-4pm ET.
Looking forward to it!

Updated information about the stream. It will happen on Discord using stage channel. Check the original post for the link.

Another Update. Members of the Study Group voted on the topic Lukan will take on :slightly_smiling_face: