Starting correspondence games : not working?

Hello everyone,

It looks like one cannot join correspondence games. I see the same open games since yesterday (and as you have guessed I can’t join them).

Is it possible those games have a rank restriction?

Now it is working again (but these unjoinable games remain; they don’t seem to show any rank restriction affecting me).

I think this is a known bug (or at least should be, since I saw reports on this before). These are games that do not exist anymore, but due to some kind of bug still keep showing up in the list… just ignore them.

I have seen those too. Are those getting cleared automagically or is reporting required?

No need to report, that would just clutter things up. They will disappear in time, either by an automated process of direct intervention.

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None of those can be accepted

can this be somehow related to game names etc? (char set problem?)

Again, devs know about this.

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