Stone graphic bug in Firefox


there is a graphic bug leading to ugly stones. The problem occures on displays with higher PPI density if you are using Firefox 22 or newer. Stones seem to have no texture but have a strong line dividing the stone into a dark and a bright part.

I have a 15" screen with 1920x1080 pixels. I think it’s about 140ppi.

As workaround the Firefox option layout.css.devPixelsPerPx can be set from -1.0 to 1.0. This will fix the problem but also make all texts and graphics much smaller, so it’s only a workaround.

P.S.: Is it possible to upload pictures here?

hmm I can’t reproduce this on my rmbp… can you take a screen shot?

It’s possible to upload pictures here but only gravatar is supported on the main site at the moment… we have an update that is going to enter open beta in a few days and that will support both gravatar and uploading.

Maybe it’s because on MBR the logical and real resolution is simply a factor of 2. Or it’s only a problem on Windows where Firefox respects the scaling settings since version 22. By the way: Apple’s iCloude site has the same problem with the calendar icon in Firefox.

Setting layout.css.devPixelsPerPx to 1.0 restores the old behaviour used before version 22. For me this is not practicable because graphics and fonts a really too small.

This is what Firefox users see when using HiDPI displays:

(New users are not allowed to link to images, therefore I added a line break which breaks the link. You have to copy and paste it manually. I hope it works for you.)

Here’s a hotlink

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Same problem here. My display resolution is 1440x900. I posted pics on L19 here:

My resolution is 1440x900, and I am usually not affected by the bug (edit: using Firefox). However, when I disable hardware acceleration, the bug appears. So maybe it depends on the video card?

addition: But it works with other browsers no matter what video card is used? Hmm…

Sorry, I have been mislead. It has nothing to do with hardware acceleration or the video card. I can reproduce it by zooming in and refreshing the page, no matter whether I use hardware acceleration or not.

It seems to be fixed now, all stones have the correct look.

This was fixed in lastnight patch. If anyone sees the problem again, please let us know.

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