Stone removal phase timer too long


I sometimes have the problem of an opponent losing the game, then exiting before accepting the stone count. I still win, but I have to sit out 5 minutes while the timer runs out. I could leave the game, but there’s always the concern that my opponent will return just as the timer is about to run out and change the count to something favourable to them.

Does the stone removal phase timer need to be so long? Given that it resets after any changes are made anyway, surely 1 minute is enough to decide if the count is correct?

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hi beesbuzz,

i believe the timer used in this case is the same timer used at any point in the game once a player leaves (someone correct me if thats not the case).
players can be absent for a combined 5 minutes during a game (for example due to connection issues), which i think is reasonable.
that does not mean that leaving a game is accepted practice, you can report your opponents behaviour to a moderator and if it turns out that yours wasnt an isolated case, there will be a talk :stuck_out_tongue:.



Yes - failing to end a game “properly” is not tolerated.

The requirements are documented here.

People who are found to be repeatedly failing to end games properly (“escaping”) are asked, then warned, then banned if it continues.


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