Stone removal phase timer

in a recent game I noticed this:

  • I accepted the score. The timer has started
  • My opponent hasn’t yet accepted or modified the score.
  • I tried to modify the score but did not click again the blue button
  • The timer has been reset to 24h and started counting again

Every time I click on an intersection or a stone, the check mark near my name changes to “X”, the timer resets.
If I click it again, the score returns as before, the check mark is there but the timer resets again.

This way is possible to keep a game in the stone removal phase forever…

The timer is only there for the case of a non returning opponent. If the timer did not reset each time the board was interacted with, you could encounter the case of players sniping the timer end.

I’m sorry: I don’t understand the term “sniping”.

I would expect that the timer did reset only in case of a changed situation (eg. accepting a modified score) but I did nothing except a click on the board.

Sorry, sniping simply means changing the score at the last moment before the timer runs out.

Say your opponent comes back and the timer is about to run out. He disagrees with your choices and wants to change them but clicking the board does not reset the clock and so timer times out before he can submit. This is why, I believe, the timer resets on board interaction and not only on submission of score.

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A way to fix this may be to add + X/3 each time the timer is restored until the timer =y

Thank you. I still think that the “sniper” has to click the blue button to submit the changed score, so it would be enough to reset timer every time the button is clicked