Stone removal phase

The behaviour of the “move needed” indicator at the scoring phase seems to be inconsistent. My usual experience (presumably the intended behaviour) is that after both players have passed the move indicator shows a number to say that this game needs me to accept the score, and when I accept the score the move needed indicator stops asking for a move. But sometimes the move needed indicator doesn’t show the game after the two passes; and sometimes even after I accept the score it shows a move needed and brings me to the game where I’ve accepted the score when I click on it, even though there’s nothing more I can do there, e.g. in this game: Tournament Game: Correspondence 13x13 RoundRobin 2022-02-13 19:00 (86032) R:1 (Verrius vs 🐬Sofiam🐬)


I was not aware of a move needed indicator…

I mean the little circle in the upper left that gets a number showing how many moves you have to make. If you only play live games, it’ll vary between “1” and “0”. For correspondence games, it shows all the unfinished games where your opponent made the last move, and if you click on it, it takes you to the relevant game.

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Oh right, yeah I’ve noticed that too. I think the indicator shows up if you have the window open, but it doesn’t show up if you’re opening the window for the first time. Or something like that.

It would be really nice if that were fixed as I’ve noticed correspondence opponents take longer time to accept the game result than normal moves haha.

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