Stones sometimes appear blurred

Picture shows it all. They kind of look raised/ blurred I guess? It’s happened twice, and doesn’t go away on refresh, at least not without several refreshes. I even tried hard refresh ._. Not sure- possibly a rendering problem on my end? I use Firefox, inPrivate browsing.

On further thought, my display driver has crashed several times before, might that have something to do with it?

I am not support however I do know the reason for your issue. Your adobe display driver is out of date and should updated. It will cause crashes if not fixed for several months. I had a similar issue with an older toshiba awhile back. To properly do this you need to remove the old display driver and install the current version (If you leave the old one one it will further the problem.) Best of luck

Also make sure you are running the correct bit 32 or 64 this can also cause that issue.