Strange Chrome issue

Lately I’m facing a strange problem, that never occured before.

During games my board “glitches”, becoming quickly smaller or larger by some pixels. At the same time the OGS logo and the “hide sidebar” button shift quickly from left to right and viceversa.

Here you are 2 screenshots.
In the first the logo is on the right.
In the second the logo shifts on the left, and the board slightly reduces by some pixels.

It happens randomly, 2-3 times per minute. It’s like it’s oscillating between fullscreen mode and window mode.

I have cleaned up my cache and restarted Chrome, but still the issue remains.
On Firefox instead, everything is fine.

Hope that you can help me in finding the cause of this strange behaviour… I’m really into Chrome, Firefox runs significantly slower on my PC… ^^"

Anyway, I’ll keep you informed as soon as I notice something new.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Interesting… well that system has been updated and changed a bit in 4.2, so I’d be very curious to know if you still experience this behavior or not after the update (you can check now at if you’d like too :slight_smile: )

Checked just right now in the beta.
It seems that everything is fine, there. :smiley:

Well, I only have to wait for the release, then. I think I can bear with Firefox til then.

Still, it’s kinda curious. Never happened before.
Just noticed yesterday evening for the first time. And only on this machine (on my work PC it’s ok).
Chrome version is 39.0.2171.95 m.

Nothing serius, though. :wink:

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It looks like you might have made the game full screen. Try clicking on the arrows pointing in opposite directions on the right sidebar, it should be above “Game information” that might turn it back to normal. I had the same issue until trohde pointed this out to me. :smile:

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yes, the diagonal ones, not the horizontal ones :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah I did it but the behaviour didn’t disappear, it was always glitching, and passed from window mode to fullscreen in an instant, then back to the window mode.

Anyway, I have this problem no more with the new release, so I think the issue is closed. :slight_smile: