Strange lines on the go board


When looking at the OGS board I see different coloured lines crossing the board lines perpendicularly. ogs-lines.PNG

Any idea what these are and how I can get rid of them?



Have you zoomed in or out the webpage (Ctrl + mouse wheel, Ctrl + +/- or browser menu)? At least in Firefox or Chrome you can reset the zoom to 100% with Ctrl + 0 (zero).

Or maybe reloading the page with Ctrl + F5 helps.

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Those have shown up for me in Analyze Mode if I’ve been doing a lot of variations. You should be able to just refresh that browser page and have them go away.

I think they’re memory artifacts from when analyze mode was trying to display stones on those spaces, etc.


Going into and back out of Zen Mode usually solves the problem for me.

@Bas No my zoom is normal at 100%.

@tonybe interesting that you’ve seen them too, it’s not just my computer so. After examining further to see if they are artifacts left over, it does seem to be the case. But refreshing the page causes the board to go back to the end of the game and I’m back at square one.

@TheGoban that does seem to work alright and also maintains the board position which is good but it’s kind of a workaround, not solving the actual problem.

It would seem to be an issue with the front-end of the site I imagine. Maybe something for the admins to look into?

This happens to me on mobile a lot especially.

You can see it when I was sharing variations here

not to mention if you were using analyse mode and they showed up, refreshing would lose all the analysis :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes! If you go into Analyze Mode now, you’ll see that you’ve erased all your previous variations, and can now start with a fresh slate. The artifacts should, theoretically go with them, because they were cashed in that particular browser’s display memory (I think!)

No because when you refresh the page or go to analyse mode, it starts at the end of the game. Then you press the button that brings it to the start, thereby removing all stones and leaving all of their artifacts. The best method to remove them so far has been to enter and exit zen mode.

This too

I just started a new game and there were already lines on it. If you look at the vertical lines between line 13 and 14, look very closely, there are horizontal lines already on it.

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I didn’t see these line artefacts before, but have now seen them on my laptop and desktop PC as well. But a bit brighter and more washed out, not as hard lines.a01

I’m not sure I see them in your photo, do you mean the smudge-like marks inside the squares?

Yes, it looks like the screen is dirty in that spot. On all the computers where I tried it, it is always visible, sometimes more, sometimes less. This can be easily reproduced by going back and forth moves in a game.

I get those too after using the anal. tool, its a bit weird but not that urgent, since its just barely visible and refreshing fixes removes them.

Screen Shot 2020-12-14 at 23.58.32

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Michael Redmond is getting them too:

Shortly after this time stamp, you see a line above C12 appearing (view at full resolution if you do not see it).

I think I have seen this a couple of times before, so after watching that video, I searched this forum and found this thread.