Stuck at Stone Removal

I have a game which ended when my opponent and then I passed. Stone removal showed no stones to be removed and I accepted that, as it is obvious that there should be no disagreement on stone removal. Then 24 hour clock ran for acceptance by opponent but game didn’t end. I sent him messages, nothing. How do I get it ended without bothering a moderator?

You don’t. Actually, making this post is more bother than using the implemented features :slight_smile: please use the menu on the right hand side of the game board to click “Call moderator” and one will be able to end the game for you.

A moderator ending it for you is still the only way to fix this, but by posting in the forums one of us would have to search for your name, guess which game you’re talking about, and then end it… a report gives us a handy little link to click and the ability to claim it so we don’t have 5 mods all looking up your account at once.


Great thank you! Nice to know you moderators not only don’t mind the bother but in at least this cas find it useful. In years this is my second experience with a moderator and both have been terrific. Could you perhaps train “customer service” staff😄

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