Stuck on Splash Screen

I’m a teacher using online-go with my public school students. When we log on the screen stays on the bouncing black and white go stone on the splash/launch/startup screen. It does this on my student’s Chromebooks and on my teacher laptop, which are all on wifi. However, I have no problem accessing the site on my desktop computer. Note- it’s not blocked by our district as occasionally I have some students get in. Any ideas?


Is JavaScript disabled by chance? I don’t know why it would be, but you’ll get stuck ok the bouncing ball if it is disabled…

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Hello Iceman18,

unfortunately it is not an issue I have seen reported recently from other users, and as such is more likely to be something on your side.

Does the school perhaps use some sort of adBlockers or similar plugins to restrict pupils access to some web content? Possibly it might also be a school firewall setup, but it sounds weird that some pupils would get in (unless they were perhaps on their own devices/not school wifi)…

If you open the developer tools (ctrl+shift+i) on most browsers IIRC, and copy any errors from the “console” tab, it might (but also might not) help us troubleshoot.


Thanks for the response. I don’t know if this will work, but this is what I got from the console tab. I had to post image links because the forum wouldn’t let me post the full list. I hope these help. I’ll take a student computer home and try it with my wifi to see if it works there.,


Hard to say from those logs, but it’s likely some sort of network filter preventing access to a gaming site. Might be worth having a quick chat with the IT guy that manages the school’s wifi…