Stuck Tournament

This tournament seems to be stuck. All in-flight games have been wrapped up since June 8th. It should start the next game between me and duenda. Anyone able to advise what to do?

I think it needs to be brought to the attention of @anoek , who can deal with it.

@GlacialNoivern has pointed out to me that he is currently in a game with @mgv in this tournament. For whatever reason it is now showing up in the tournament chart, but that is likely the source of the hold up.

Link To Game:


No, that game is from a different tournament here:

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Shouldn’t @duenda have faced @mgv before the final match?

Calling @Eugene or @AdamR :heart:

Alas, I don’t think I can help with that. Let’s try calling @anoek for his magic.

Sorry about that.