I’ve noticed the supporter bar going up and down again. This suggests to me that people are cancelling their support as quickly as others are setting theirs up.

Thoughts? Dicuss.

What bar? o.O

I think that the declines are not (necessarily) from people cancelling their support. Rather than that (and more likely) is that the registered user base is growing continuously, but not all new members immediately become supporters – they probably wish to try OGS for a while and see if it is worth supporting.

– Musash1

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That’s a really good point that I completely overlooked haha.

I guess it depends whether the bar represents percentage of users who are supporters or percentage of money pledged of required.

Non - supporters have a bar at the top of the game finder page that says how close to the supporter goal ogs is.

The same bar can be found for everyone on the supporter page itself.

The bar represents percent of the goal. If it goes down, that means that some people are removing their support, or the goal has been raised. New people joining would have no effect.

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