Suggested improvements to profile page design

The win / loss tally table is one of the most interesting parts of other people’s profiles, at least for me.

At present it is located close to the bottom of the page, under the lists of ongoing games and game history. In some cases these lists can be very long (some players may have over a thousand active games) and the information can take a long time to load. This makes it inconvenient to find.

Suggested improvements

  1. Would it be possible to move it close to the top of the page, above the game lists, below the ratings section? I think this would be a big improvement and perhaps it would not be hard to do.

  2. Limit the number of ongoing games that are shown at once, perhaps using similar controls to those used for the game history table - at least for people other than the player themselves. Some people might like to play hundreds of games at once, but other people are unlikely to want to scroll through this list.

  3. Make the win-loss tally complete, remove limitation that limits it to the most recent games. Add controls for browsing list as found on the game history table.

Thanks for your attention.