Suggesting a new badge: Sherlock Holmes

Often there are “new” topics on this forum, that have been dealt with before. Forum members refer to these by sharing a link (and earn a badge!). If the title is more or less similar to an earlier posted topic, the Your topic is similar to … page shows suggestions.

The problem is that people don’t read everything and post a topic that has been dealt with before. Been there and done that myself :crazy_face:

Would a new badge that stimulates investigating before posting a new topic be an idea to solve this and subsequently lower the moderators workload?

I suggest to implement a Sherlock Holmes-badge. I don’t think there is already such type of badge, but am not sure about this.

Finally a big thank you to all the moderators. Without you OGS would be lost.



But someone can just create a new account and earn this badge right away.Also maybe Sherlock Holmes isn’t the best name for this badge maybe read and share I dunno I just feel like not having a badge naming after a person.

Afraid to be the first to get it?


Detective, Investigator or whatever OGS feels is an adequate name (if they like the idea).

Good argument. But I think that with a new account they can’t take the formerly acquired badges with them.


Also it can’t be a automated badge as someone can just post a random OGS forum link and get that badge which in sometimes no admin or moderator took a look at that topic then you will have to tag(not the youtuber sir tag) a moderator just for one badge which wouldn’t be that good but they can still do a split topic after that.Actually I think if you like yourself in a second account you get a your profile also discobot gives it so it will take even longer to give that badge as they will have to check the ip addresses to make sure it isn’t the same person which would take about ten minutes I guess.Also if we do a system for example called detective badge points they can probably give theselves a few points with their extra accounts and get that badge.

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I think the idea was if someone begins drafting a new topic, but then posts to one of the “This is Similar To” instead, it would give the badge, or something similar. I’m not sure if this is technically feasible, but that’s a separate question. I like this idea. I don’t know if it would have much impact, but maybe it would.