Suggestion: 10s byo-yomi counting audio

When I am playing blitz in overtime with 10s byo-yomi, I don’t need audio cues for “10, 9, 8, 7, 6” every single turn. I already hear the “click” for my opponent’s move and understand that byo-yomi periods are 10 seconds.

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Settings → Game Preferences → Voice Countdown



Maybe although I don’t see a blitz setting.

Maybe I’ll just userscript a solution or stop playing blitz.

or just uncheck voice countdown in settings…

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I think what he’s saying is that while it is super useful most of the time it is perhaps not as much in the specific case of 10s byo yomi games

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Right, sorry for my failing to explain that. The last few second audio cues (5-1) are helpful but hearing counting every second on both players’ turns is a bit distracting.


I seem to have the opposite problem. I get no voice countdowns at all when the time setting is “simple”, despite the setting being active. Maybe time setting is bugged, who knows.

It is well documented that the “simple” time setting is EXTREMELY bugged and it is highly recommended to use byo-yomi time instead with 0s main time and whatever time you want as 1 period.

Why would OGS even have that time setting when it’s equal to 0/15 byo anyway… I only happened to find out it existed after timing out twice to some dude who, I suppose, uses that bugged setting for a reason…

because in theory setting up “simple” time settings in b/y is a lot more work than how the simple time settings should work. Nobody is quite sure why the simple time is so bugged, it just is. In concept it’s a good idea, no need to worry about periods and such… each person gets 10 min and that’s it. but sadly it didn’t turn out quite so elegantly.

I see. Arguably the time potentially saved not having to adjust byo yomi settings pales in comparison to the time required to fix the bugs and calm the clamoring masses.

Thanks for the clue-in.

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