Suggestion for game history page

Hi, I review some of my games myself, and after a while I want to go back to them (to remember something or to keep on reviewing, after having progressed some more).

I find it difficult to find my earlier reviewed games. So comes the idea:

“In the game history page, a small icon shows up in the list item to indicate that that particular game has been reviewed.”

A further idea could be to be able to show the first line of comment in the same list (or allowing players to create remarks for games). Like “total loss, silly me!” :slight_smile:


Ah, forgot to add…

  1. sorry if this suggestion is a duplicate.
  2. a quick tip to find reviewed games in my game history will be much appreciated.

Good ideas :slight_smile: I’ll add them to the to-do list

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Thanks for the quick response anoek… No hurries, I can still browse, which helps keeping a functional brain/memory…