Suggestion, integrated review system

Hey OGS,

I’m sure you all know about GTL, where you can send in your game to get a review from another player. The drawback is, you have not really a way to know how strong the player really is or if what he suggest are in fact good suggestions, and it’s not even always the reviewers fault, some times he might just not know the newest developments.

The idea of GTL is great, but how to tackle the problems? My suggestion would be to develop an own integrated system in OGS.

  1. Players should be able to easily “upload” the games they want to review.
  2. Players should be able to decide what rank the reviewer should have to be able to review it.
  3. Everyone with a stable rank and who has played a minimum of required games should be able to review.
  4. The reviewers should be able to choose what games they want to review from a list or something.
  5. When a reviewer chooses a game to review, it will become closed to other reviewers meaning they can’t claim to review it anymore, and he will have a set amount of time to do the review.
  6. If it takes the player who wanted the review to long, he can choose to cancel the review and make his game open to other reviewers again.
  7. If a reviewer gets more than ~5 games cancelled that way, he will be banned for a set amount of time from claiming games to review.
  8. A reviewer should just be able to claim a set amount of games to review at a time.
  9. After a reviewer is done with reviewing, the game / sgf file doesn’t have to be send to the player, he just has to mark it as done and the player will get a notification that his game has been reviewed and it will show up in the list.
  10. Now if he wants the player can edit it and ask questions / add comments. After that he can choose to make it open to everyone, or have a second review, he doesn’t need to delete the comments of the first review. (There should also be a report button, if someone tries to game the system)
  11. If he chooses to make it open to everyone, other players can now add comments / review it and have their variations, comments to be shown up in the game. So if the reviewer did not see something important or said something wrong, other players can correct it!
  12. To reduce abuse, their should be strict requirements to edit a game that is “open listed”, e.g. Has to have a stable rank, reviewed at least X games etc…
  13. Just admins should be able to delete comments from reviews.

I hope this is inspiration, I really think that a good integrated teaching system would benefit this server and the go community.

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I just realized this is kinda already possible, by just posting a review game link, so others can add their thoughts and comments! :blush: Though somehow integrate it in an more regulated and organized system would be neat too!

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This is something we’ve certainly talked about and want to do :slight_smile:


Sounds like a good idea to me.
I think “banning” people from reviewing is a little harsh. Instead, how about people get a Review Rating of some sort (say 4/5 stars)? Then, people can have the option to only accept reviews from reviewers with more than 3 stars.