Suggestion: Move the ingame right side menu panel to the left

After playing a game when I want to resign (or pass) I move mouse towards the resign button on the right. But almost always I accidentally hit screen edge and open the large menu panel (the panel with Game Information, Analyze, Download SGF,… these buttons). This panel has a stupid sliding animation that takes forever to complete and covers the resign button until the panel slides back again. Just a very minor UI quirck really but it has started getting on my nerves more and more because it happens often. I hardly ever use the panel anyway so I suggest relocating the panel to the left side instead. Or alternatively moving “pass”,“resign”,“rematch” buttons somewhere else.

Maybe you should say what hardware and software you use. I have never had this problem.

I’m using Chrome on Linux and ChromeOS and Firefox on Windows. All on x64 hardware.

I have similar issues with the slide-out on occasion. I haven’t had it take long, but it is a delay and can be frustrating.

The delay is only like 2 seconds, it’s less than that if you move your mouse back faster. If you’re resigning anyway I think you can wait a measly two seconds or just you know don’t drag your cursor that far over.

I have found that delay also to be quite annoying even when I was not resigning :wink:

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