[suggestion] Play from here on a demo board


In fact what could be very interesting is to be able to play a game from here on a demo board.

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I would like to suggest an (i think) quite easy feature to implement.

It could be interesting to be able to duplicate a demo board to our review list.

This can be useful when you are looking on a demo board of another person and you want to messed up with it to try manipulation without getting the demo board unusable for the future.

We can also duplicate one demo board for training purpose for another player. (if we have build a standard training board for exemple)

Analyze mode seems to do this already.

Hi Pempu

You can’t analyse from a position of a demo board

And when you try to play from here you can’t play on a demo board.

Maybe this option will be more usefull in fact.

You can do all the things that analyze mode offers also in demo board analysis. Just Hit F1 or the arrow keys to navigate “out” of the main branch in the demo.


I already now that but i’m not talking about that.

Let me explain you a more relevant exemple.

You are a master and want to make some lesson for your club over internet. You prepare a demo board with a lot of situation.
This demo board could be used multiple times for a new lesson.

In this situation we don’t want to play in the revision and see where we can delete the stuff. More over students could take the demo board and play from it in theyr own demoboard.

This sounds like you want to fork a demo board. This is possible.

Yes this is exactly what i want but i have not found how to do it

It is in the right side menu in the game window.

You mean play from here ?

If yes it’s not possible to go to another demo board from a demo board and that’s what i ask in this suggestion.

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