[Suggestion] Remember last chat/malkovich selection for every game


I’ve recently started to play my first malkovich games and quickly noticed that it is really easy to forget that you should change “chat” to “malkovich” before posting your hidden agenda :stuck_out_tongue:

It would be really helpful for such games to remember in which mode you typed your last message and would probably make such mistakes nonexistent.

The lack of a bright green text bar didn’t tip you off? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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In my opinion, Malkovich could be a game option which would open to many possibilities like being able to observe all on-going Malkovich games or to filter out the games history of an user just to see that type of games.
Also, it could feed a special games database.

But of course, the usage of Malkovich log would never be the exclusivity of that new game type but it might set the preference to it.

Remembering to what log the last entry has been made doesn’t make much sense to me but why not permitting the use to pin for a game his preference.


Just as a side note:

It has happened to me SO EMBARRASSINGLY OFTEN that I shared my world board domination plans to the normal chat instead of to the Malkovich log :smiley:

I don’t really care much about it, though—for peace of mind I assume I’d have lost my lost games anyway :slight_smile:

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As for now it was a good enough tip for me, but not for my opponent. I almost did this once, but noticed at the last second.

Malkovich games are a great idea and when this happens it just spoils the fun a little.

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