Suggestion, show last two moves made in correspondence

Apologies if this has been brought up before but I would find it really useful if the last two moves were shown in correspondence games, rather than just one. Every single time I open a new game I go back at least one move to see where I last played. This is just to remind myself what my train of thinking was before considering what my next move should be.

I’m just wondering if I am the only one who does this as maybe if others do too it would warrant putting an option in the settings to show the last two moves in games. Maybe with just a dot in the second stone.


Yes, I do the same thing, sometimes even without thinking. A dot would help.


I"m going not to be popular again, but it’s the kind of help I doubt sometimes if it’s really a help. As if there shouldn’t be better ways to remember the last move you played (like playing a bit less games at the same time for ex.)
So alright, you can have breaks, and you don’t have to always think to get better at go, and simply have fun and each one his way, alright. Still, your last move…

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It’s probably useful if you played a move and your opponent ignored it.

Or if you make a move a day in a game, I don’t think the average person will remember the move they played 24+ hours ago especially if it’s a hundred or so moves into the game. In the opening maybe.


Hum from instant global looking yes after 24hr, but by a more careful looking you usually can rebuild what happened and then go to the point the game was left, and it’s a good process to rememorize a game like that too.

I get what your saying. . .don’t be lazy, and its good advice. Sure If I look closely at the game I could figure it out. The main point is that there are some days that I am playing for fun, and I want to be lazy. I also often play early in the morning when I am still a little tired, so having an extra dot on a stone would be useful then too.


Yes sure, I was a bit too much, I knew it :laughing:

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I enjoy the need to review quickly all the board when I play correspondence games.
My train of thoughts and moves can be wrong.
Seeing a board after a while can give you the opportunity to quit a wrong sequence and focus on the next big move or urgent move to play.
Many times I leave an attacking sequence because I realise later that my position wasn’t settled enough to fight. So I make a reinforcing move instead.


As always, if it comes it should come with a toggle. :slight_smile:


I personally don’t think it’s a necessary addition since you can just hit the back arrow to see where your last move was, but if it can be disabled, then sure.

Note: this is coming from a person who often forgets where his last move was even during live games :man_facepalming:t2:


I think nothing beats just going a few moves back and looking at the whole sequence if you don’t remember what’s going on.

Remember that developing something takes time. By developing something that’s not really that useful we’re losing out on something else.

Also, just look at this monster:


That’s fair. I’m no developer so had assumed that it would be easy to implement.

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