Suggestions for improving the functionality of the OGS

Good afternoon!

I have been enthusiastically using the OGS server for more than a year. I even used a paid subscription for several months. Thank you so much for such a wonderful opportunity to play go. I want to offer several improvements to the server functionality.

  1. The text field in the game chat and the text field in private messages are single-line. It is very inconvenient to type a message in one line, since only a small part of it is visible. Please make the text field multiline.
  2. When creating a tournament, you need to fill in the text field “About the tournament”. Is it possible to use HTML and CSS in this field for formatting text and images? If possible, what are the requirements? If it is not possible, then please add this feature. I really want to colorfully and beautifully design the description of the tournament.
  3. I ask you to implement the possibility of sending invitations to this tournament to all friends automatically by the tournament organizer. Forming a list of friends with the ability to edit to change it.

With respect,
Grandpa Frog.

  1. and 3. are both good ideas, espesially 1. would help a lot with “pm’s blocking chat input” problem too

for 2. at least some html code is allowed, not sure about css


Thanks for the comments. For point 2, I will try to use HTML and CSS. I’ll write here what happened.