Suggestions to the anti escaper system

Sometimes it is good to have a look at the escaper’s profile, send a message to make sure that he really escapes.

With the new system, i have no choice but to wait for the system to resign for my opponent. This is kind of inefficient.

2 besides, if the opponent did not acturally resign, it does not made sense to “win by resignation”. Since this makes it difficult for mods to identify casual escapers. I think its better just put timeout in their profiles, to warn them not to escape frequently.

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I believe the idea is this: the escaper would have, and should have, resigned if he had any honor. In other words, escaping is a dishonorable way of resigning. Putting “timeout” in their profiles would just make it difficult to distinguish escapers from the many people who time out for perfectly legitimate reasons, such as running out of thinking time (even pros have done this). Most super-blitz games (7s or 5s a move, or 3 minutes absolute time) end in timeout. The losers in those games are not escapers and shouldn’t be lumped in with them.


The only suggestion I’d make is that the lightning and countdown shouldn’t appear immediately after the opponent leaves. That’s because players with poor internet have a tendency to periodically flash into lightning for a half-second again and again in a game. So I would suggest that it should only appear after the opponent has already been gone for ten seconds.

I’ve also heard some people say that they’d prefer the time allowed to be three minutes, but I’m personally fine with two.


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