Summer Special Go Lessons Offer

Summer Special 2024 Go Lessons Offer

In the warmer months, I spend time on the tennis court, improving my serve. When winter comes, I enjoy skiing and the excitement of the mountains. However, my real passion is the ancient game of Go. I’ve worked hard to learn its complexities and I’m excited to share my knowledge and enthusiasm with you.

I’m Cornel Burzo, a top European 6 dan amateur Go player with over 25 years of teaching experience. My deep understanding of the game, coupled with my passion for teaching, allows me to support and assist my students’ growth. I am patient, attentive and committed to help you improve and discover a unique playing style that you’re looking for.

As an experienced Go instructor, I offer customized lessons to your individual learning style and goals. Unlike AI tutors, human experts provide insights and guidance that truly resonate. With my extensive experience, I can help you build a solid foundation, refine your skills, and speed up your progress.

Go for a Free Lesson

Bring a game that matters to you for reviewing in a 30-minute trial lesson.

Special Bonus #1 : When buying the first 10-session package, get the second 10-session package at half price, one time only.

Special Bonus #2: An extra free session for every 10-session full price package.
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Individual Sessions

Game Play : Engage in gameplay sessions where we apply discussed concepts in real time.

Review : Analyze key moves and strategies post-game to identify areas for improvement.

Game Analysis : Bring your own or tournament games for a detailed review.

Professional Games : Study professional games to learn strategies from top players.

Group Sessions

Simultaneous Games : Play together in a group setting, learning and practicing collectively.

Review : Post-game reviews to discuss strategies and key moves, benefiting from group insights.

Game Analysis : Analyze specific games, exploring variations and critical points.

Specific Topics : Focus on areas such as opening theory, middle game tactics, or endgame principles, tailored to the group’s interests.

Blitz Training Sessions

Basic time: 5 min
Extra time: 3 times/30 sec

Speedy Decision-Making : Enhance your intuition and gameplay.

Enhanced Focus : Improve attention and cognitive skills.

Pattern Recognition : Develop quick reactions to complex board situations.

Tournament Preparation : Get ready for competitive play.

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To schedule a lesson or for more information, please contact me via the following channels:


Whatsapp: 0040746055322


OGS: cornel11

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