Support payment ended unexpectedly


I was a site supporter since end of 2017, but the last payment was at 2020-03 and stopped after that. It seems the minimum payment is 3€ now, I payed 2€. Have all smaller payments been stopped? In this case an e-mail would have been helpful.

Hi Bas,

You can still donate however much you want, there’s a “Custom” amount field if you slide the amount all the way to the right. Thanks for all the support you’ve given and your future support!

And yes, sending emails is something I really need to start doing. I’m sorry about that.


Hello anoek, thank you for your answer. Is there a reason my support status has been stopped? I am not aware that I have it stopped by myself.

It looks like the credit card that was used had expired. Usually it automatically updates to the new card if the bank supports that, but I guess it didn’t in this case. All of that is a bit of black magic to me (and not handled by us, but rather our credit card processor).


Thank you very much for your help, that makes sense. I got a new card in 2019, which doesn´t match exactly, but it is the most likely reason.

Just a little nudge about implementing emailing if Supporter payments stop for some reason.
Seeing the announcement today, I went to see what level of support I was on but could find anything. Looking back at my transactions I couldn’t find anything for a couple of months, which I guess must coincide with me getting a new bank card. Anyway, an email to say that ogs couldn’t take my payment would have been good!
Thanks @anoek


Indeed, thanks for the nudge. I’m overhauling the billing system for a number of reasons, I’ll make sure this is part of it.