Support without a credit card?

Is it possible to give support without a credit card?

I just tried to donate support, but even with paypal one has to have a credit card.
How about one time donations?

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Hello @joachim,[quote=“joachim, post:1, topic:5982”]even with paypal one has to have a credit card[/quote]While I do have a credit card registered with PayPal, 99% of my PayPal transactions are with direct debit authorisation (Lastschrift, Bankeinzug).

Assuming that you are German (because of your name), here’s the German PayPal page explaining it:

Quote: [quote]Wenn Sie bei uns ein Bankkonto hinterlegen und es bestätigen, ist dieses Bankkonto automatisch für das Lastschriftverfahren angemeldet.

Wir bieten Ihnen dann automatisch Lastschrift als Zahlungsmethode an, wenn Sie bei einem Online-Shop mit PayPal bezahlen. Bei jeder einzelnen Zahlung autorisieren Sie PayPal, das Geld direkt von Ihrem Bankkonto abzubuchen. Die Zahlung ist damit innerhalb von Sekunden abgeschlossen, und der Verkäufer erhält den Betrag sofort in seinem PayPal-Konto.[/quote]

Thanks Thomas,

I know this and use paypal even after I got rid of my credit card.
But in this case paypal insists a credit card is needed. Maybe because it is a monthly afair.

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Oh, I’m sorry … I just checked and noticed that my monthly OGS payments via Paypal indeed go over the credit card :flushed:

Yeah, I’ve looked into this multiple times, and tried to find ways around it, and as best I can tell there isn’t one … if you want to set up a recurring payment, you have to attach it to a valid, current credit card for the duration. You can’t even use pre-paid cards.

This is what’s kept me from being a site supporter since my “old OGS” supporter status wore off. I even use credit cards with PayPal, but under no circumstances do I authorize recurring payments to a credit card.


I’m not sure when it changed, but I was just able to use a Visa “gift card” to become a supporter. This may be helpful to some people. I’m not sure when it became possible, I tried it because I noticed a non-PayPal credit card processing option.

This can’t be the whole truth. I just ran into the same problem, I wanted to support but it complains about a missing credit card. On the other hand, I pay my recurring Spotify membership with this PayPal account without any issues. So I wonder why I can’t do the same here.

Oh well, I tried.