SWT Tournaments big problem

All games in SWT tournaments have started twice! At first, I couldn’t start tournaments (I press the button and it doesn’t start). I waited but nothing happened. So I pressed the button second time and the tournament started immediately. I had to do that for every tournament. And when I checked my games I saw that I have 22 new games instead of 11! This happened for every player. Can this, please, be fixed?

this has been happening for all the tournaments that started after the new site. i’ve been getting 2 games in the same tournament. i thought it was a bit strange but no one else said anything so i thought it was normal. hehehehehe.

EDIT: sorry i exaggerated - it is some of the tournaments that i am in - not all tournaments.

So should I just let the tournaments continue?

none of my opponents have complained about it but i can’t speak for them.

i actually think it’s fun, getting to try different styles on the same opponent at the same time.

I think we can play twice. More games better practice…

Can you give me an example of tournaments/games where this has happened?

This seemed to happen on all of the SWT tournaments, I believe we’ve got this fixed up and it will go live with the next round of fixes.