System hangs at end of game

For the last 4 games I’ve played, as soon as the game ends, the computer shows the game analysis line graph, and the system hangs. My webpage then becomes completely unresponsive, and I need to close the page and open a new tab for OGS.
This never happened before the new game analysis feature.
One difficulty with this problem is I’m unable to thank my opponent for the game.
For what it’s worth, I’m on an iPad mini 4 running iOS 12.2.

This will probably take a more technical person to help, but can you in the mean time try a different browser on your iPad?

Even if in general it is not OK for you to use a different browser for whatever reason, if you could at least try and find out if it makes a difference that would help track the problem down.

Yikes, ok thanks for the report Rgesh3, I’ll look into it and try and figure out what’s causing that.


I’ve been using the Duck Duck Go browser. I’ll try the Safari browser and see if it’s any different…

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I typically thank my opponent during the scoring phase. This should still work for you and as an SDK, it should rarely be premature.


That’s not bad advice at all - it gets around the problem of people always leave before you can thank them anyhow!


I used to thank people as soon as we got to filling the neutral points (dame) but that backfired spectacularly in this awesome game leaving me with egg all over my face. Sorry for diverging from topic (not very sorry though).

wow… that was painful…


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How about thanking in Malkovich as soon as you’re convinced you’ve won :stuck_out_tongue:


I just played a game on the same iPad, but used Safari instead of Duck Duck Go.
Same problem. It froze once the game ended. I had to close app and re-open it to get back to OGS.

You can now disable the ai review which might help

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Hmm. Yes, I see the disable option in settings. I’ve been enjoying the AI review. If I disable in settings, is there a way to have the AI review afterwards somehow?

There is also a toggle in the game view right panel. You should be able to switch it on any time you want. :slight_smile:

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