System resigned me on its own, possible to recover losses?

So I left the game for a while to play a move on a correspondence game (Yes, I regret not waiting). And I was wondering if it was possible if someone could recoup back the losses for me so that my rank could go back to where it was before the game? It was a very close game, not sure if I could have won, but my rank certainly dropped upon the supposed resignation. ://

Note: If there isn’t a way for me to recover the losses, I understand but still hope that it’ll be able to ^-^ My opponent sent me a rematch


If you really want to play the game to the end, you can fork it

and challenge the opponent

I’m not mod/admin, but I’m not sure why they should restore your rank/rating.

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Since it wasn’t a clear cut win, I would say the mods shouldn’t give you back the points that’s just my opinion of course. I had resign a game in endgame by mistake I meant to click past i had won by about 30 points. I didn’t ask for it to be refunded I accepted my own stupidity.

Edit: In case anyone was interested

Out of curiosity and to avoid the same mistake, just leaving the game resigned you? I thought the games are kept running until you time out or resign manually… Are they not? That seems wierd to me… what if I lose connection and refresh? or when my browser crashes? the game is lost? why? what’s the point of living and why are we here? And are we actually here or are you all just projections of my mind?

And correct me if I am wrong, but 1 loss can’t affect your rank that much, right?

Hehe, jokes on you :smiley: people must learn not to accept every pop up yes/no they encounter :stuck_out_tongue: But at least you can still keep the warm feeling of cushing you oponnent nonetheles… right? :slight_smile:

Oh, and since you are all projections of my imagination anyway I can answer myslef (and anyone else who was curious) the problem of autoresign is discussed here: Am I crazy or system decide that I resign without my permission? (it was in my second tab the whole time…)

Ah, alright, that makes sense. Thank you.

Thank you! Yes, I clicked onto another game to play a move and when I returned back, it said that I resigned. I realised the Fork Game feature but I’ve never used it because I’m not 100% sure what it does, so thanks for that suggestion :slight_smile: (haha you got all philosophical there as well, trust me, sometimes I wonder whether or not I’m truly me)

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