Teach me please :)

Hi guys, I’m Kevin. I started playing Go on April 1st, mostly inspired by the AlphaGo vs LeeSedol series. I never thought that despite nearly 20 straight ranked losses in my first few days of joining the server, kissing the horizon between that oh-so-sexy 26 kyu, that I’d still be here today, keen as ever for another game. And no, I abandoned that account out of sheer embarrassment.

Nobody around me has ever heard of Go. Mind you, they’ve mistaken me as a Pokemon Go fan quite a few times. The small town I live in does not have an active Go club. All the study efforts I’ve done are on my own. While I try to review my games and improve that way, I feel as if there’s only so much that I myself can see in the moves and that it is time I should consider getting help from stronger players. I’m wondering if anyone is willing to teach me online.

My IGN is Issho and I’m ~8k/9k strength right now. Add me to your friends list if you’re keen. If you see me online, you don’t have to ask, because I’m certainly always up for a teaching game from a stronger player. Yep, super keen to improve, plus you get the enjoyment of slaughtering me and watch me squirm helplessly in the palm of your hands. What are you waiting for, surely that sounds fun? :smiley:


Would love to :smiley: too bad you are way stronger than me. If however you would like to enjoy crushing someone else, I’ll be sure to challenge you if I see you.

If you want to play games with me I’d be happy to. Though I’m not confident to ‘teach’ anyone yet. After all, I don’t feel like I know things well enough myself to be able to set others on a right path. Last thing I want is to mislead someone. :slight_smile:

You are too modest! There is always more to learn and a wise man will never feel confident enough to teach because he know he does not know everything yet. But right now you are far more skilled than me and that’s enough :smiley:
And I do not expect any profound lectures, just the experience of playing a stronger player will be enough (not that I would not appreciate any pointers afterwards)

Expect my challenge and be prepared! I will attack with all the stones I have :-D. Not today though, gotta sleep sometimes as well. Take care untill then. :slight_smile:

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