Teaching game for semi-noob

looking for a teaching game been playing on KGS with an unofficial rank of 13k, need help on how complete territory for white, can’t hold onto the outside. don’t mind if can be done via correspondence

Hey kissmecomix, 1 dan here. I’m down for a teaching game, and correspondence is fine. :smile:

PS: 13k KGS should be about 13-14k here. Maybe you want to get a mod to fix your rank up.

I’ve fixed your rank for you.

been trying to get officially ranked. Keep getting skunked by bots playing humans having a rough go of it.

thanks for that, though having to play ranked people was the way to be officially ranked

so how do we set the game up?? tells you how to request, but doesn’t say how to afterwards.

when you first signed up for the server here we asked you what rank you were. There was an option to select it from a drop down box.