Teaching game or review for 19-20k noob

Hi all. If u have enough time and wish to help one beginner player please do it. =)

The best way to get a review is: just play a game and post it right here :smile:

How to get the most out of your review:

  1. Both you and your opponent should play seriously (rated, not blitz)
  2. If you made some really obvious blunder, pick another game, because it doesn’t help if the reviewer just says “yeah, it’s atari, you need to defend” :wink:
  3. Get reviews for games that you lost. You can learn more from your own mistakes than from others’.

I’m currently reviewing your last game. I would give you a teaching game but I’m kinda busy right now. I’ll post the review when I finish it

Here it is—> https://online-go.com/review/62619

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Wow. I wondered how many people want to help me.

Legas. Thanks a lot for this great review. It’s really useful for me.
Van Fanel and Vicarios. Thanks a lot for giving me some ideas about beginning of the 19x19 game.
Ornable. Thanks a lot for doing a lot of reviewing and practical advise about fighting in 9x9.

At conclusion. The main points which i understand, that i should do:
1)Learn Joseki
2)Solve Go problems.
3)Play sharply but boldly :wink:
4)Avoid useless move.
5)And just play more.

Thanks a lot for my volunteer teacher again. :blush:

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Yeah, that’s right. Joseki is the main thing. With time you’re gonna find the kind of joseki that fits better with your fighting style. Life and death is pretty important in ddk too