Teaching game request for 16k*

Hey All,
I am getting back into the game after a 6 month departure. I was rated at around 14-15 with the new system when I left but it seems I can’t make any headway out of the 17k mark. I would appreciate a teaching game to help me find my weaknesses and strengths.

Thank you for your consideration.


I’m horrible at handicapped games. So I took a quick look at a game of yours https://online-go.com/review/275978 and here’s my thought. This was a game you lost, and obviously the result comes from unfavorable outcome of fights. Reading power is something we all need to work on, but it’s not the only factor. You cut live groups of the opponent, which is not a good idea. And you also tried to rescue stones on opponent wall. I think you should work on the direction of the game, and think more carefully about what’s large on the board.

Edit: when I was 10-5k on KGS I watched quite some pro game commentary videos. Obviously I didn’t understand all the commentators were talking, but it definitely helped building intuition. There are many moves that I would never think about before. If you want to read correctly, at least you need the right move (and best enemy moves) in your candidate set.

Edit2: looked at (the beginning of) another one: https://online-go.com/review/275989

Thanks pokeii for the review. I really appreciate it. I went through the review. Thank you for your thoughts about that cut.

Quick question on terminology, on move 135 you said that I should consider those stone as light. Is this to say that I should consider those stones not worth my effort to save at that point?

I can see that there were bigger moves if I allowed them to be captured.

Thanks again for the help.

Yes, I don’t see them serving any purpose any more. Therefore, at this time it’s not worth a move to save them.

We can having a teaching game if you’re still looking for one.

That would be greatly appreciated.

well send me a friend request and challenge whenever you’re free