Teaching Games for Kyu players

Happy to provide / play teaching games. Let’s spread the wealth!


I’ve given many teaching games since I’ve been here, but seldom found myself on the receiving end of one. XD I’d be happy to accept, if you’re offering.

I’d be happy to… what level are you? I’m not even sure how to determine that on this site yet.

Anyway, let’s do it.

sure thing. I’ll send the invite this evening.

Thank you for your offer. I am 10k at the moment and would be happy to avail myself of your kind offer when I am awake and attentive (so not now). I hope that you don’t mind that I contact you by chat this weekend to see when you are available.

that’s fine… where are you located?

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If you could provide a teaching game for me, i would be very happy.
-Scientiam, 22 Kyu

sure, live or correspondence… and where are you located?

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Thats the time zone
Ill generally be on at 4-7.
-Scientiam, 22 Kyu

Ok, so I think that means you’re on the US West coast…? I’m in Atlanta, so 4-7pm PST would be fine for me most nights… i’ll look for you this evening.

Hi, i’d love to play a teaching game. I started playing go a few days ago so I still suck at the game so everything that could help me improve would be nice^^

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sure… but first you should review the beginners guide on this site… take a look thru those very simple basics and if you come out with questions, we can discuss

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Ill play a game with you. Not a teaching game, but just a game.

Sure, send me invite… correspondence or regular… I can be pretty flexible; play a game for 30-45 min and review

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Hi. I’d really appreciate a teaching game as well.

sure, send me an invite…

And give me a little history or idea of what you’d like to accomplish

are you still doing teaching games?
I started playing about a week ago.
Any pointers would be greatly appreciated!

sure, happy to… send me a challenge.

Hey, I am also a beginner who has been playing for about a week. Can I challenge you?