Teaching games price comparison

It was posted on twitter in red and blue font, it’s as legit as it gets. With Chinese-sounding name I can’t imagine any bias.

(One on one game)

China Japan
Amateur top player: 12 000-16 000 yen/game Amateur top player: 2 000-3 000 yen
Female: 3 000-5 000 yen
Pro player: Pro player: 5 000-20 000 yen/game/hour
1-5p at the lowest: 10 000 yen/game
China domestic champion average: 40 000 yen/game
Pro 9p:
Young (below 50) at least: 100 000 yen 2 hours Japan: females are higher priced than males
Elderly (50+) at least: 6 000 yen/game China: higher go level more expensive
Female pro average: 10 000-20 000 yen/game/hour

Also: Pro 9p Ruiyang Zhou is offering teaching game against him on FoxGo server. Candidates have to be Fox 5d. 4 stones handicap. The price is 3000 CNY. Approximately equals to 60000 JPY.


“In Japan”.
I think that is something important to add in the title of the thread.

why would a top amateur player be more expensive than 1-5p ?
Sounds not logical

Maybe the amateur needs more money? :dollar: :dollar: :dollar:

In China, a top amateur player is stronger than the weakest pros.

Its say Pro 9p, which is not weak,6000 yen for the eldery for example
Maybe the table is not right formatet but that sound insane to me and quite rude

And its illogical too that the chinese amateur would be earning 5 time more than the japanese amateur player