Teaching request for 19k

I would be really interested (and grateful!) to hear what some more experienced players have to say about what mistakes I am making at the moment

I am a new player and have spent a lot of the last few weeks reading about the basics of fighting/strategy and made my way to 18k before levelling out around 19k. I have mostly been playing on 13x13 recently and I’m still getting a grasp on basic strategy - especially when it comes to trying to keep groups connected. I also find I often end up in the corners without much central influence.

If someone stronger than me would be willing to play one or more live teaching games with me I would really appreciate it! I am on UK time and will be pretty flexible time-wise.

I’ll play you, I could do with the reviewing practice - Depending on what kind of a day I’m having you might slaughter me though - There isn’t that much difference between our ranks. - I’m hovering around 15k at the moment.

Thanks! I will send a friend request. I’m pretty sure you won’t have to worry about being slaughtered…

I never worry about being slaughtered - That’s why I get slaughtered so much :slight_smile:

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