Technical Help Needed - 9x9 Ladders

I was like rank 8 or something on 9x9 Ladders and I got booted out of the Ladders and 3 of my ladders games ended by TimeOut. Now I got to re-enter the 9x9 Ladders and I start from Rank 400+ Gosh…


After updates, player is disqualified from tournament or ladder if looses by time out in any tournament or ladder game.
I agree it is sometimes unnecessary. Sometimes people just don’t have time and forget about vacation, or don’t even expect some “real life” problems, and don’t start vacation. Why not wait for 1 week, and then disqualify players? Or something like that…
However, it is 9x9 ladder so it is not so bad. you will probably get back to first 10 in a month, or less if you play fast. Problem would probably be 19x19 ladder (2x more players, 4x bigger time to finish one game)…

If you win either game with thebbb or gamesorry you’ll jump 400+ places. :smile: Those games had not timed out yet.

Yeah if you rejoin the ladder and still have games going on from within your ladder you can get a reprieve by winning one of those games.

@devariot did you not realize you were going to lose on time? I see in some you had made some moves

It seems a bit arbitrary that some players could get such a reprieve, while others, who have the bad luck of timing out without any other games ongoing, do not get an opportunity to quickly jump back up the ranks.

There’s also the possibility that even if devariot beats one of those two players, that player could first time out of one of their other games, causing devariot’s reprieve to evaporate.

Alternatively, suppose thebbb was going to win his game, unless devariot first climbs back up via gamesorry, that win would be meaningless, robbing him of the climb to position 8 that he would have earned had devariot not timed out.

I guess what we are trying to do here is balance things out until we can implement a more rounded solution.

The problem we were faced with was a large glut of players clogging up the ladders who had completely abandoned the ladder… these people would just continue to slide down the ladder and the net result would be that players would enter the ladder and have to play many games against other players who would never make a move… and that’s no fun for anyone. It’s really hard to say whether someone unintentionally timed out a game and it was an isolated incident versus they’ve gone and won’t come back.

Several solutions have been proposed but currently it comes down to just having the time to find an ideal solution that’s not overly complicated for the ladder participants to understand.

In the meantime we have vacation time, and this is exactly the sort of thing it was designed to help with. There is the other option of winning an existing ongoing game… and win a position back on the ladder. Maybe that’s not entirely fair for everyone but it also seems unfair to time out a game and take away the competitive atmosphere of the ladder.

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This is almost certianly the wrong thread, but I just noticed that the played Heian is ranked #-1 on the 9x9 ladder :slight_smile:

I was on Vacation Mode On when i timeout… which on chat the moderators were suggesting that it was a glitch…

I hope I can play… I lost bad in the match against you… I didnt have time to play and was just replying moves randomly… =(

Its ok guys… I will take the advice of taking down either thebbb or gamesorry… and get back to the single digits…

What if you put their timeout status next to their name in the challenge list and disable challenges for those players? If you give players who timed out, say, a week out to clear their timeout status before getting kicked from the ladder, then there might be less complaints. You might have to keep track of players who timeout too often, but it should work for most people.


We still are waiting for notifications when games are about to time out. The old OGS had this, and when I first noticed that it was missing, I was told it was going to happen.