Text Message Go Challenge Please

I won’t have internet for a while and I really want to keep playing with all you lovely people on OGS. Now, my situation is simply that I cannot reach any sort of internet nearby my house and I have nothing but a phone that I can’t use internet on. If someone would actually like to help me out, I would love it, although I am a little worried about overstepping boundaries with such a request. Here is what I really need and I understand if you think it rather rude but I am desperate to keep playing, even if I don’t have internet at home. Could someone offer to play over text messaging so I can keep playing live until I can get internet again? If you are able to, my number you can text/call is REMOVED. Thank you so much for reading through. <:)

PM Lilly on OGS (before the end of the day 5/7/15) to discuss setting something up.