Thank you for playing on OGS!

I just wanted to thank all the awesome users, who play on OGS and stick to our site!

All of us know that there are Bugs on OGS and not everything is 100% perfect yet, but I can assure you that everyone on the Staff is giving his best. The Devs are spending a lot of time to fix bugs and make stuff better. That can’t be done in one day but takes months of free time. We want to make OGS the best Online Go Experience ever, and of course that is also because we want to make you players happy.

The feedback on the Beta is also greatly appreciated, and I just wanted to give you all a heartily thank you!


<edit> Pls note that I wasn’t a mod here when I wrote that :wink: </edit>

Amazing that you thank us for playing here … you know that this is “The best place to play Go” :wink:

Anyway, methinks this must immediately be replied by “Thank you for giving us such a great place to play Go!” :slight_smile:

It’s also amazing how quickly I (others too?) develop emotions for this server … a feeling of attachment, of fondness … but in reality this has to do with the heart blood you folks put into making this “the best place to play Go”, and so it has to do with people, with you people who are doing all this in their free time.

All I can say is “wow, thanks, I♥U!”

Cordially, “Tom in Germany”


Well said Tom. I’m still very much amazed at what Nova, now OGS, has become in such a short period of time through the efforts of a very small group of developers working on their own time. Can’t wait to see how the new beta site turns out.


Franzisa, I really thank you and all others members of the staff of OGS, I haven’t played go for some years until I found this site and could begin to have matches again (mostly through the correspondence mode) keep up the great work =D


I can’t thank the OGS devs enough.