Thank you OGS

I’m a supporter. Under two accounts, this and Tomewing1. Not a lot. Only $10 a month. But I think what you folks do is wonderful. You have truly designed a wonderful website. Okay. Maybe not perfect but nothing is and you’ve come about close as you can. You folks are terrific! I admire you. I’m thinking about upping my support. Right now only $10 a month. Probably $20. Need to think. Wish everyone who plays on this site would support you financially. Just wanted to say how much I admire what you’ve done That’s all. but 'll likely up the ante. You deserve it.


So, my last post didn’t go anywhere. Maybe my fault. Don’t care. but just saw that on my Pengyou site not indication that I’m a supporter. That’s important to me. Small thing but important. I have a second acct with OGS Tomewing1. Because I use that frequently I want to donate to that too. But if I give you folks $240 a year (I know, not a king’s ransom but more than most do), I’d at least the recognition that I help. Everything I wrote above I still believe. And when I get off, I will donate on Tomewing1. You guys are great and I know you’ll do the right thing. As I am trying to do to support you

tried on tomewing1 but not sure it took. want to donate

actually meant to write most “don’t” which I find regrettably. But people can make their own choices. I’ve made mine to support you within my financial ability. Sorry if I’m being a nuisance but the recognition, again, is important to me. (Don’t know why under tomewing1 it didn’t take. will try again

Is it possible you have the options in settings to not display that you are a supporter? That is an option, and will prevent your name from being colored or getting the site supporter banner in your profile.

Don’t think that’s the problem. looked at my profile (Pengyou, not other account) on both my Kindle & laptop. Not there. Had my son check my profile on his laptop. Not there. Sorry to trouble you but I take a bit of pride in being seen (if anyone cares; probably only me) that I’m a financial supporter of OGS

Hey @Pengyou let me check on that for you

I’m a fairly new player (one of the AlphaGo newbies), and became a supporter recently. When I think of some of the games I’ve spent money on OGS is very deserving of the little they ask for support. So it’s good to see a thread to show your gratitude.

Perhaps it would be a good idea if OGS had an option to give one-time contributions for people who want to go above and beyond the subscription rate.

AFAIK this is currently not possible directly, but what works is creating a monthly payment and canceling it a little later.

@Pengyou hopefully we can get this cleared up, I’ve sent you a private message.

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Hello Matburt. So it appears on Pengyou somehow after several months money stopped coming from my credit card. But I redid it and am now again a supporter. Tried to do it three times this evening under my second account Tomewing1 but system refused to accept it. No clue on either.

What error message or incorrect behavior did you see? This might be more appropriate to take offline in private messages.

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