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(the only possible) suggestion time!

black to move

S17 is the obvious move.

S16 is a worse version of S17, or at best just transposes.
Q17 and Q16 get caught in a ladder.
A move like R11 lets White have S16, taking the corner and getting thick.

So, yeah, there seems to only be S17 here. Let’s please not take 12 hours over it…


I’m thinking about something like this exchange - I still want Black to disrupt the potential White base on top


Q16 Q17 hard to not agree
S16 less sure. Black may like to not fix the shape as with S17.
Going to the right side makes no sense after R16

How realistic would it be to add those faces to the markdown of stones for reviews and analysis? As in alongside triangle, square, circle, x etc.


Probably not realistic to add buttons. But the functionality is already there. Just open the letter tool, hold the “Shift” key and click the board. You can enter up to three characters for a custom label.


How did I not know about this?

Just shift clicking for me did it. It brought up a box that let me input a label and then I could place that label wherever!

Taking this to strange new places

But actually more relevant. I do like R17.

It feels like all these keyboard shortcuts and tricks need to be added here There must be loads I don’t know!


Of course. And its weakness is that it can be attacked from all directions. :smiley:


White to play

  • S16
  • S17
  • something else, tell us how

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Suggestions always welcome (and still valid until the poll closed)

black to play, not white


@Groin Could you explain why you support Black S16 here?

S16 might give us sente where white might tenuki otherwise after S17 Q16 S16.

Also, I’m curious to see if white will answer with the old joseki move P17 or the newer Q17.

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W will not block at S17 so we go for similar sequence, without playing yose. I like for different reasons to keep yose plays for when it’s time for them.

@Haze_with_a_Z it’s completely fine to have another suggestion, we just don’t know which one, if you want to get some votes…

If it’s the one you told long ago, don’t expect a newcomer to read the whole topic and find it.

I know it won’t get any votes so the newcomer is chill playing whatever they wanna play.

White to play

Suggestions time (Let me doubt we’ll have a lot on this move but who knows…)

Welcome to all well minded weiqi players around, just tell us where you’ll play and stay voting if you wish


Only thing to understand is why Q16 is better as R18.
I mean Q16 Atari waste the ability to sacrifice for lessening black eyes space.

My intuition tells me: R18. Considering long term consequences is beyond my abilities anyway. Sometimes that makes things easier! :slight_smile:

If we were just playing joseki in the explorer for instance, then Q16. It would be nice to understand why Q16 is better than R18 or for instance Q17 which can be a move if black connected at S16.

Without thinking of joseki, I would be wondering about after white Q16 Atari black playing R18 Atari.