The computer resigned?

Hello, I am very new to go and currently practicing against the computer in a 5x5 environment.

I just played a game vs the 19k computer (white) which went as follows:

Black to B3
White to D3
Black to C3

after which the computer resigned!

I have no idea what this means but it was kind of funny. Never forced a computer to resign after only 2 moves. Maybe my moves were so bad he left in disgust? hahaha :smile:
cheers, great website, btw.

EDIT: funny, I just played a few more 5x5s against the harder computers. The 13k bot doesn’t even bother placing stones, and passes after the first move. and the 12K bot simply resigns the moment I put down a black stone.

what is going on? lol

I believe most bots are only meant to play on 9x9,13x13 and 19x19.

Yeah they don’t really work at all on 5x5 boards… try 9x9 at least.

They must have sensed your untapped potential and resigned due to its overwhelming presence. Keep up the good work! :smile:

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