The Go Club For Anyone

Hi, everyone. My name is AriaH and I am new to Online Go Forum. This topic name is my go club name, and I decided that I will name it “The Go Club For Anyone”. Feel free to chat here, or join my club!

In this topic, we will talk about anything, related to Go or not. I really couldn’t choose the category that I EXACTLY wanted, but this seems to fit.

Feel free to join/chat!


Welcome to the forums!

Did you have anything particular in mind for your club besides just chat?

This line below pretty much describes the entire forums:

We’ve even played some games hosted within these forums, and sometimes they are even about Go.


Well, you can just do anything you want here. I don’t know what you can think of, though. But I can say it is UNLIMITED. :grin:

Also there is a Before Happy New Year Competition as well if you want to join. :relaxed:

well, as long as discussion stays within the spirit of this forum.

We are a family-friendly site and this thread won’t be permitted to be a serious violation of that.

(just for the record)

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Link to a tournament: Happy New Year (Weekend) Competition #2—Medium Level Group 19x19